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Telling The Story of You

Mypedia.com is a platform where you can tell a story about yourself, and document your life experiences, like work history, and your academic records, accomplishments and basic historical information about yourself.

You are the only person who can edit your Mypedia profile. You can share it with specific other people after you set it up, or it can be private just for you.

No one else can change your information in Mypedia. Unlike Wikipedia, no one can comment or add to your story.

Mypedia has a basic info section and a TOC/Table of Contents for basic details, and an outline of what is posted at the top of the page, along with an optional bio pic. One of the highlights of Mypedia is the selection tool at the beginning is set up to offer details about yourself. There is a list of items that you can pick from when you fill out your profile that are wide ranging that allow you to pick the details that will show others about you.

The selection section has a wide variety of categories, you will have a good time picking what you would like to share.

For example, there is an “Inspired By” selection for you to share what or who inspires you. If you are a great cook and want to share a recipe, or have a favorite sports team, or want to share a wonderful vacation spot you can do that though Mypedia. If you love certain games or IT tools, you can share that too. You can show your pet and how you got your great companion. If you love your garden, you can share your plants, the same goes for your DIYs. Discuss your favorite band or recent binge watch, or your Best Hack. If you are into your Ancestry, you can list an ancestor. Mypedia also has the option to share photos with each section to show what you are listing.

There is also a place where you can share “My favorite things” to show products you like and use everyday. We hope influencers will embrace and use Mypedia. You are able to list several products at once, and tell others your story.

Mypedia feels that the everyday man and woman can be their own influencer by showing products that they support and like.

Small businesses can also tell their story and highlight their service offerings.

You can also discuss your academic, work achievements and show a charity or good work that you support.

We will be adding more options soon, like posting capability, creating a link with others who are on Mypedia who are mentioned in your story, and a personal blog, groups and other features as well.

Mypedia is wide open for you to create your own story, just like every individual is unique, every profile will be unique.

Welcome to Mypedia.com, we can’t wait to see what you come up with!