Laura LeMond


Laura LeMond lives in Austin, TX. She is a UT Austin grad, a previous IBMmer, and an entrepreneur and the creator of the Mosaic weighted blanket in 2011. She is the founder of

Laura LeMond

19th January 1963 Austin, TX
IBMmer, and an entrepreneur and the creator of the Mosaic weighted blanket in 2011. She is the founder of
Significant Other(s)/ Partner/ Spouse
Johnny Elizondo
Offspring/ kids
Kenneth Matthew Ruka, Michael James Ruka
Hattie, Resaca, Lalo
My Parents
Barbara LeMond, J LeMond
Jim LeMond, Betsy LeMond Giles and Lissa LeMond Whitehurst
Sarah Moore and James KP Brothers
English, Basic French
Laura LeMond

Early Life Info

Laura LeMond with twin sister Marilyn Melissa

Laura LeMond was born at St. Davids hospital in Austin, TX on Jan 19th 1963. She is a fraternal twin to sister Marilyn Melissa, who goes by Lissa. Laura attended Doss Elementary, Murchison Jr High and Anderson and McCallum high schools. Laura’s father died when she was 7 years old and so she was raised by her mother, Barbara LeMond. Laura has two older siblings, Elizabeth LeMond Giles and Jim LeMond, the cofounder of The Barton Springs Saloon. Laura was active in choir and was a finalist for all state choir, received 1 ratings in Solo and Ensemble and was active in The Small Group, she was also active in the McCallum drill team, and was class secretary in junior high. She attended St Matthews episcopal church, where she was involved in the youth group Agape and in the faith missions to Faith Ranch in Uvalde, Texas. Laura was a camp counselor at Camp Allen and attended the very first Happening and Happenings as a sponsor. She was the Austin Diocesean representative for the Episcopal Youth Conference at St Stephens, and a member of The Highlanders dance club. Her high school boyfriends were Andy Allen and Randy Harris. Her best friends were Susie Carry and Cathy Newman.


University of Texas Austin

Laura attended Anderson High School for three years and her senior year was spent at McCallum HS. Laura was a member of the NHS (national honor society). Laura attended Baylor University on a voice scholarship for one year. She pledged Zeta Tau Alpha sorority. After one year at Baylor she felt that the school was too small and wanted to change her major, and decided to transfer to the University of Texas at Austin, where she graduated with a degree in Liberal Arts, focused on political science and Roman history. Dr Gwyn Morgan who taught Roman republic and Roman empire history was her favorite college professor. She sang in the University of Texas at Austin chorus, directed by Morris Stephens.

Occupation/work info

  • County Line
  • Recruiting and previous jobs and IBM
  • Resumes and Careers
  • Mosaic Weighted Blankets and Mosaic Fabrics
  • Mypedia

First jobs
County Line

Laura was one of the first employees of the County Line on the Lake when she was sixteen years old. She worked there with sister and two friends, Lissa LeMond Whitehurst, Amy Cadenhead and Renee Rucker. She learned how to make all of the food in the kitchen and worked as a hostess and cocktail waitress from 1979 to her last year of college in 1989. Laura said she made more money working there than she did her first two years out of college, and it taught her to have a great work ethic. She also worked briefly at Basil’s Italian food on Lavaca and Guadalupe street.

Laura put herself through UT Austin, so she had several jobs along the way.

Russell Korman and The Movie Store Laura also worked for Russell Korman selling jewelry and at The Movie Store, a video rental place when she was at UT Austin. During her time at The Movie Store which was on Guadalupe and right off of Avenue F was when the Hyde Park rapist was grabbing women, Laura had someone walk her to her car every night to stay safe. The police came into The Movie Store to show her pictures of possible suspects to see if any of them were customers that she recognized. He raped over 37 women in their homes during 1985 to 1989. The Hyde Park rapist has never been caught.

Laura worked briefly at Lubbock ISD as a substitute teacher and at Dillards in Lubbock while she was married to Mark Scott in 1988.

Recruiting and previous jobs and IBM

Laura worked for Manpower as a service representative in Dallas, TX as her first full time job after college, she worked in downtown Dallas. She learned a ton about the staffing industry, and began her career in recruiting.

Then, Laura moved to Belcan tech services and TAD technical services for several years as a recruiter, where she learned technical recruiting skills.

In 1996 she took a job with IBM as a technical recruiter and worked for IBM both as a permanent employee and contractor until 2006. She specialized in recruiting in the ERP practice and recruited for Oracle and other skill sets.

Resumes and Careers

In 2006 she left IBM to start her own headhunting and recruiting firm from 2006 to 2010, under the name Resumes and Careers Staffing. She recruited executives and technical individuals for mostly ERP 100% travel positions for companies who specialized in consulting services offerings.

My Mosaic Weighted Blanket

Mosaic Weighted Blankets and Mosaic Fabrics

Here is Laura’s story about how she created a weighted blanket in 2010. Laura was born premature and had blood transfusions at birth. In school she excelled, but had extremely poor handwriting and a messy desk. Laura will focus on anything that she is interested in to the exclusion of other things, she has issues with loud background noise. In the 1970’s the school system wasn’t able to diagnose her with ADHD, but that is a quality of Laura’s personality. When she was a student at UT Austin, she put her Riverside Shakespeare (heavy textbook) on her legs to calm her nerves in the dorm room because it was so loud. Amazingly she slept all night (this was in 1987) After she had children, she found a local seamstress to put small sandbags into a blanket to make it 12 lbs to help her put pressure all over her to sleep, especially on her feet. In 2012 she and a partner founded Mosaic Weighted Blankets to sell weighted blankets and accessories and spread the message about weighted blankets to consumers. She bought out her partner in 2013. Mosaic Weighted Blankets is a large US based manufacturer of weighted blanket and accessories, and is still active today. In 2014 she spoke about her company’s success at the Texas Women’s Conference. She has been mentioned in numerous websites and online articles and press (see backlinks below). Her favorite motto is by Temple Grandin, “Different, but not less”.

In 2020 Laura began to sell fabric with Mosaic Fabrics - she loves fabric and has a good deal of fabric. She made and sold over 20,000 masks during the pandemic of 2020/21.



Laura applied to Wikipedia and was never published, she never understood why she could not get into Wikipedia, you can apply but have to be accepted. In 2020 she trademarked Mypedia to allow herself and others to document their work and personal history, with other features to make the interactive. Laura feels that the everyday man and everyday woman can be their own influencer, sharing products that they like and use in their lives. She also felt that influencers could share their story more effectively with their audience, thus the “My Favorite Things” page. She also feels that we all have a story to tell.

Personal Life

My kids

Laura married Mark Scott of Austin in the summer of 1987. They moved to Lubbock and then to Dallas in 1988. They both worked in Dallas and lived in the lower Greenville area and were married for seven years. They divorced in 1994 and Laura moved back to Austin.

Laura remarried Warren Ruka in 1997 and had two children, Kenneth Matthew Ruka in 2000 and Michael James Ruka in 2002. They lived in Steiner Ranch, a suburb of Austin, TX. The couple divorced in 2011. Laura was awarded primary custody of her children and stayed in Steiner and raised her children until 2020.

Laura met Johnny Elizondo in 2013 and they are engaged and have been together for seven years.

Laura is a proud mom, she has also has three siblings and nine nieces and nephews, and many cousins, many of them are still in the Austin area. She is proud to be an original Austinite, as well as a native Texan, and loves being from a large family.

Here is - my Hattie

My Pets and where they came from

Laura was raised with a poodle named Pepi and several kitties. Laura also has a long line of furry little children, among them are Rocky Road, a pug, Ursa, a boxer/lab mix and Blue, her 17 year old grey cat.

In 2018 she adopted Hattie, a Catahoula/Great Pyrenees mix who was a runt from a litter of dogs at a local farm. Hattie wasn’t getting enough to eat, she was the runt and was pushed out of the dog food by the other puppies, so she took matters into her own hands by eating baby goats, peacocks and chickens on the farm, so Laura and Johnny adopted her, she is a pleasure to everyone she knows.

In 2018 Laura and Johnny were headed home from the beach and stopped at a fruit stand and there was a litter of kittens. The owner said that they were mousers and would eventually run out into the freeway and get hit, so they adopted 2 kittens, naming the first one Resaca, he is named for the fresh water Resacas that are where the Red River ends in South Texas, they are natural cold fresh bodies of water, and the other kitty’s is name Lalo, because they liked the name.

My Favorite Things

My Coach Bag

My Coach Bag

I have always carried a practical purse. I am not the type of person who will spend over $200 on a purse. In the past, (the zealous purse people with 50 purses is a different breed than I am). I have purchased bags that fell apart although they were really attractive. Coach bags come in great colors that you don’t find in every purse line, and they are made in leather, they have nice stitching and a variety of product lines, and more importantly, they are good looking, and they last. There are lots of little interesting details like the end of the zipper and the style and serial number that are stitched in a square on the inside of the bag.

I love the little Coach matching tag that is attached and many times is in a complimentary color. Real coach shows and I love it! I am a Coach girl, they are classy and a cut above without breaking the bank.

My Born boots

My Born boots

I like Born because they are made of real cowhide leather and they have a consistent boot style with a decorative variation on the outside of the boot that I can wear year over year. The foot bed works for a wider foot, and is well supported, which I great because have a wide foot. Also, you have to wear them in, they are a bit tight at first, but also they stretch and wear well. Some really expensive, higher end boots, you feel that it takes 6 months or a year to wear in, while Borns acclimate to your feet within a few times of wearing them. These boots are so comfortable, I wear them to pack boxes and walk my dog in them when I get home from work. And at under $150 they won’t break the bank and you can find them at popular retailers. Love Love Born.

My Weighted Blanket

My Weighted Blanket

This is a Mosaic Weighted Blanket, it's USA made in Austin, TX and totally comfortable. It has poly pellets and a tiny bit of polyfil in each pocket for comfort. I have a 12 lb twin sized blanket and I love it! Much better sleep and relaxation. I created a weighted blanket in 2011, I am one of the founders of the weighted blanket industry. Love Mosaic Weighted Blankets and I am the owner so I should be a raving fan.

My Space/Home Design

My Space/Home Design

We remodeled this house in 2021. It's in northwest Austin and it's a half acre piece of land. Big property, small 3/2 house. We decided on a farmhouse look with palest of white/green walls with light brown real wood floors and white kitchen cabinets with a grey veined carrara marble island and matching countertops, farm house sink in white, and pale grey/white italian style tiny circle tile backsplash. We got a 1950's Mad Men syle front door installed that gives a nice light through the front window. We had wood windows installed they are gorgeous. Love living here! My redo.

My Ancestors

Great Grandparents Sarah Moore and James KP Brothers

On her father’s side, Laura is a descendant of Sarah Jane Moore (1849 - 1910) and James K Polk Brothers (1844 - 1908). They moved from Alabama to Cottle County (outside of Amarillo) Texas in 1884 in Texas. They had four children. Cottle county at the time was in the middle of Comanche territory, so my ancestors were Texas frontier people who were brave and they never lost a child to the Indians.

On her Father’s side, Laura is descended from one of the original settlers of Berry Creek in Georgetown, Texas. Virginia Jane Edwards (1824 - 1908) settled in Berry Creek as a girl. She saw her father killed and scalped by the Apache Indians and her brother was one of the men in the Revolution who was taken by Santa Anna and drew a white bean so he lived, he was a Meir prisoner during the wars with Mexico in Texas. She had 5 children with one man, a judge who died so she married another man very quickly named LeMond. They had one son John LeMond who attended Baylor Medical school in Waco, and was a doctor during the civil war. He had 7 children in West Texas by Lubbock, but he had his body brought back to Georgetown to be buried next to his mother, Virginia Jane Edwards. We guess he was a mama’s boy.

On her Mother’s side Laura is descended from a line of Quakers. One of them was a Bartholomew Gedney (1640 - 1697) and he settled Salem Massachusetts, he was not a Puritan so he was the man who owned the local bar in Salem. He was also a Salem Witchtrial Judge. He later wrote a letter of apology for the behavior towards the younger women on trial. He lost his fortune of land to Thomas Jefferson because Jefferson said he abandoned the property, which he said he did not. We aren’t sure he wasn’t just having to do what he had to do during the early Puritan period of America.

My Honors/Awards

  • All District, Region, Area and finalist for all Texas All State Choir 1979 - 1981
  • NHS National Honor Society 1980 and 1981
  • Recipient of Voice Scholarship Baylor University 1981/82

My Docs (verified)

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My Docs (Unverified)

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